About Bratteli Family Stores

Service is truly our signature. 

At each one of our stores, you’ll find a welcoming staff of experts who know how to dress each client in a way that enables them not only to look but also to feel their very best. We provide a truly boutique, personal experience, making a point to genuinely get to know each client and always going above and beyond to meet every unique need. Whether a new client walks in for same-day tailoring or a years-long client needs an entire wardrobe selected for a business trip, we always do everything in our power to make sure every expectation is exceeded time and time again. 

At first glance, we may be a retailer, but at the core, we are in the business of relationships. It is our attention not just to the quality of our products, but more importantly to highly personalized service that turns our clients into lifelong friends. It is why we find our customers returning time and time again, entrusting us to dress them to their very best, whether they are looking for a custom suit for a monumental moment, or simply a reliable trouser for everyday wear. At the end of the day, we establish a sense of comfort and build genuine trust that large department stores simply cannot replicate. 

History of Events


Ben’s father and grandfather, Steve and Hal Bratteli, begin their longstanding retail legacy with the purchase of Hurwitz Men’s Store in Longview, TX from founder Sam Hurwitz.


Hurwitz Men’s Store moves from its original downtown location in Longview, TX, and reopens in the Village Shopping Center, which remains its home today.


Steve Bratteli acquires John. L Ashe in Fort Worth, TX from Jack Van Zandt and Norman Alweiss - the second owners of the store who purchased it directly from John L. Ashe himself. 


Steve and Ben Bratteli expand Bratteli Family Stores further by purchasing Satel’s in San Antonio, TX from Jimmy & Toffe Satel - the sons of the original owner.


Corbin Bratteli, Ben’s brother, becomes a partner in John L Ashe, further strengthening the company's family ties.


Steve and Ben Bratteli purchase Mr. Ooley’s, another privately owned luxury retail shop, directly from David & Sara Ooley’s, the children of the original owner, thus rounding out the family’s current retail collection.

We are always striving to make clients' shopping experience not only seamless but enjoyable. We’ve helped clients select the perfect suit for their first interview and continue serving them through generations, standing by that same customer’s side as he/she helps their grandchild select a smart outfit for that very same milestone. We’ll keep our store open late if you can’t get off work in time to make your original appointment and we’ll happily work with you on a return you may have. In other words, we will always do everything for our customers because at the end of the day, we do more than provide the best brands, we serve you.