Our Story

Bratteli Family Stores is a collection of specialty retail shops across Texas and Oklahoma, all of which have earned the reputation as the premier retailer of their region for half a century and beyond. Each one of our stores houses a highly unique and beautifully curated collection of premium pieces selected by buyers whose taste in quality clothing is truly unparalleled. 

And yet, beyond our luxury product offerings, we are most proud of our exceptional service. From the start, our focus has always been on relationships, not transactions. To us, the customer is always first and foremost, and we will never cease to go above and beyond until each of their needs are exceeded. To our friendly and knowledgeable staff, truly no ask is impossible.  This is what sets us apart from any other retailer and something we will always stand for at our core. Ultimately, we aim to make every single customer who walks through our doors feel right at home, with our stores becoming an extension of their living room and our staff an extension of their family. 

We’ve now expanded online and to four retail stores, and yet our focus remains steady. Our roots will always be grounded in our commitment to serving you. From every member of our staff, we thank you sincerely for letting us help you find your authentic style. We look forward to the years to come.